Hollywood cars


Angelina Jolie's Car

Angelina has been seen on the set of Wanted before, but this time she is ready for some action scenes inside of car. She talks over the scene with producers and is ready to roll. Angelina has had to balance her work and her duties as a mom during her stay in Chicago for the film Wanted.

Ben Affleck's Mercedes-Benz S63 Car

Ben Affleck was seen driving a gray Afflect Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG in Los Angeles. It’s nice to see some other colors of the cars driven by the super-stars instead of your standard black, white and silver. Ben Affleck could to be a family man, but he knows how hard roll. Ben was spotted recently out of his Mercedes-Benz S63 in Los Angeles. It could be a sedan, but it is certainly not minivan.The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the largest series sedans from Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG produces.

Britney Spears' BMW 7 car

You've got to hand it to Britney Spears. She went from a white trash, trailer park, Cheeto-eating mom to a drunken, publicity-seeking, Hollywood party skank in no time flat.Source:// Internet).
Obviously, her new mentor, Paris Hilton has been a great influence on her, and has even helped her ascend to level 12 of celebrity skankdom, the all-important upskirt shot.While Britney proves she has what it takes to pull of the classic upskirt maneuver, she obviously does not yet possess the advanced upskirt skills of a master flasher like Linsday Lohan. What with the actually wearing underwear, and all.

Kayla Collins' Nissan Hardbody Openhood Car

Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month for August 2008, Kayla Collins, shows she’s still got what it takes to turn heads here at the Sunset Marquis in LA. This woman is gorgeous.
She seems to know how to have a good time without going overboard with it. Having a nice meeting with friends and sharing a laugh, Kayla is cool, down to earth and not all caught up in her own hype which is definitely appealing. It’s hard to believe a woman as gorgeous as Kayla could be down to earth and perhaps my impression from these pictures is wrong, but she definitely just seems like one of the girls. Don’t even get me started on those legs. Absolutely gorgeous!

Lady Gaga's Ferrari Car

Lady Gaga's Rolls Royce Car

Do you know what cool chicks drive these days? No? Just take a look at Lady Gaga's car and you'll know that hip girls today don't care about the gas mileage. Sassy chicks like Lady Gaga drive Rolls Royce. This ride is a sure way to impress and blow away your date.

Tom Cruise's Race Car

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has recently tested the Red Bull Formula One race car at the Willow Springs racetrack in California. Tom Cruise completed 24 laps with the Red Bull team, and guiding the top gun along the track was race car driver David Coulthard.[Source: ESPN]

Sakira's Car with Boyfriend

Sakira has drived her mitsubishi_globalsmall car in Newyork recently.

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique canoodle in the car park of Miami airport:She is currently performing across the globe on tour so probably doesn’t get to spend so much time with her boyfriend.But it seems that Shakira is stealing every moment she can with boyfriend Gerard Pique and the pair were seen canoodling in a car park in Miami.
The Colombian singer, 34, was seen kissing and cuddling her Spanish footballer beau, making the most of their time together before she boarded a flight in Miami.
Pique, who plays for Spanish football team Barcelona, has been on summer holidays from the club this month, meaning he has been able to spend more time with his girlfriend. 

Emma Watson, riding on her comfort Volvo Car with Boyfriend

Emma Watson, one of the most popular actress in Hollywood. Need tell in details?

Naomi Watts' Car with Boyfriend

Naomi Watts, a popular celebrity in Hollywood recently took a tour in New York with boyfriend riding her brand new Aston Martin Car.

Naomi Watts, Just wait a moment! Viewers will be acompanied you.

Adriana Lima's Porsche Car

Is Rachel Bilson's on Volkswagen?

Gwyneth Paltrow riding on Toyata showing off!

Gwyneth Paltrow, the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and the late TV producer Bruce Paltrow, this lithe and lovely lady is as well known for her tabloid-friendly romances as her acting.(