Parallel Parking

How to parallel park
For developing, one of the most challenging skills especially for new-drivers is learning how to parallel park. Appropriate parking is a necessary skill for all drivers and in general parking is easy to learn. But in the busy city or in areas where space is a premium, parking spaces are not very spacious. Usually areas with cramped spaces will only have provisions for parallel parking and if you’re not confident in your parking skills or you don’t know what to do then you’ll really find it difficult to parallel park. Here’s how to parallel park correctly.

1. Go slowly and size up the parking space by pulling beside it.
2. Flash your brake lights and put on your turn signal. Always look behind to check for traffic.
3. Pull approximately 2 to 3 feet away from the car in front of the parking space. Align your rear tires with this car’s rear bumper.

4. Turn your wheels all the way toward the empty parking space and put your car in reverse.
5. Slowly back up until you are at a 45 degree angle and stop. Your front door should be about even with the rear bumper of the car beside you.
6. Turn the wheels all the way away from the curb.
7. Slowly ease into the spot until you are parallel with the curb, less than 12 inches away.
8. You can pull forward or backward in the space to center yourself between the cars in front of and behind you. Be courteous and leave enough room for other cars to exit their parking spaces.
9. Make a point to read the parking regulation sign(s) before you leave your car to avoid violations that can result in towing.