Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrity Car News: Justin Bieber's Ferrari Damaged in Accident Was Loaner Car

Remember how Justin Bieber got into a minor accident recently while driving a red Ferrari? What's interesting, and was not mentioned in those reports a couple of weeks ago, is that Justin doesn't even own a Ferrari—so, whose car was Bieber driving that day?
The red Ferrari Justin was driving was a loaner car. Not from a friend, thank goodness (hey, it's bad enough to scuff up your own car, but even worse to scuff a friend's), but from the Italian car company itself. It makes more sense now why Justin Bieber called the cops to report such an accident so minor—it wasn't his car!
Viewing the reports, the Ferrari often loans big celebrities, like Justin Bieber, its cars. The photos taken of the celebs driving their cars are then used for marketing. This makes sense also, because, hey—if Bieber drives a Ferrari it must be an awesome car, right?
I think, Ferrari shouldn't be loaning its cars to young teens. According to Kelly Browning, the head of a California teen safety driving program, "For new teen drivers, this is the most dangerous time of their lives. Teens should not be driving cars with a lot of horsepower. They can still barely navigate an off-ramp."
Ferrari had apparently driven the car over to Justin Bieber's house the day of the accident. Justin was "merely taking a small tour around the 'hood."
Luckily for both Justin Bieber and Ferrari, the accident was very minor and nobody got hurt.

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