Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toyota news: To product of Prius Plug-in parts, Toyota looking to China

In China, Toyota Motor's facilities will most likely add manufacturing of parts for the upcoming Prius Plug-in to their to-do lists because the Japanese automobile manufacturer is set to soon resume production of the standard Prius China.

This automaker halted production of its second-generation Prius in China way back in April 2009. According to Shiori Hashimoto, a spokeswoman for Toyota, even though the automaker has yet to officially announce when it will begin production of components for the Prius Plug-in and remains undecided when it will resume pumping out Priuses from China. Reports also say that the recent approval from Chinese authorities to resume Prius production and to make the PHEV parts there makes it a likely scenario. Production could start sometime next year.

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